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Racist LA TIMES caricatures Attorney General Kamala Harris running for US Senate as a fat-assed, big-nosed “Black Bitch” while portraying Willie Brown as a hard-drinking anti-Hispanic mobster who personally decreed that that she would be Democratic Party’s choice! Is the phrase Black Bitch” echoing thru the corridors of Power at the Times Bldg. Publisher Mr. Austin Beutner owes Attorney-General Ms. Kamala Harris a personal apology for ok-ing this vile, sexist, racist cartoon mocking color of Brown’s skin!


If you agree with the above, please dial 1-800-LA TIMES and ask to speak with Publisher Austin Beutner, the racist ringleader in this unfolding scandal! If Austin is not available or refuses your call, then leave the appropriate message!

This super-nasty cartoon in the editorial section of the Friday 1/30/15 edition of the LA Times obviously and shamelessly portrays Mr. Willie Brown as the mobster-boss of the California Democratic Party, with a bottle of booze and a glass of hard liquor on his desk, surrounded by white bodyguards, dressed like stereotypical Hollywood movie gangsters, speaking un-grammatically in the caption ; and is quite obviously an outrageous attempt by the owners of the Los Angeles Times to brand and therefore discredit any African-American politician as an un- educated thug who disagrees with The Times that Ms. Kamala Harris is unfit to be elected our next California Senator!

The content of this despicable cartoon was dictated to The Los Angeles Times political cartoonist Mr. David Horsey by his editor with full prior approval of hyper racially-prejudiced Mr. Austin Beutner!

Is Publisher Beutner now prepared to deny that Ms. Harris has been called a “Black Bitch” in the executive corridors at the L.A.Times Bldg. on Spring Street?

If cartoonist David Horsey had refused to draw this poisonous cartoon as dictated to him, Horsey honestly believed that he himself would end up fired!

Ex-SF Mayor as well as Ex-State Assembly Speaker, now merely a private citizen, Willie Brown simply exercised his United States Constitutional Right of Free Speech in his SF Chronicle column a short while ago when Mr. Brown politely asked ex-LA Mayor Antonio Ramon Villaraigosa to step aside and not run against AG Kamala Harris for the U.S. Senate seat that Ms. Barbara Boxer is vacating!

Since then all racist/sexist hell has broken loose!

(To Be Continued)


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