No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh


VILLARAIGOSA_BEUTNER 01For two slightly-dumpy middle-aged men, Mayor Villaraigosa and his then Chief City Hall Deputy Mr. Austin Beutner made a remarkably pretty pair preening for the camera lens not too long ago … when Citizen Austin served obediently as Head Deputy under Mayor Antonio. So to speak!

Nowadays Antonio finds it comfortable and expedient to switch positions once in a while with eager “Red” Beutner, the multi-millionaire City Father, who has since assumed the august role of Publisher of The Los Angeles Times!

Most importantly, Beutner is the behind-the-scenes head cheerleader of the Ex-Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa for US Senate 2016 sputtering, rudderless campaign that plays really dirty as the both of them now believe that it’s not politically-incorrect to deride Attorney General Kamala Harris’ physical characteristics in an ugly target cartoon!

Meanwhile Poor Antonio lives in daily fear that the final blow to his barely-begun Senate Campaign will turn out to be that infamous Charlie Sheen Cabo San Lucas Dope Party photo, paid for in full by a Mexican Drug Cartel, the proud owners of the luxury hotel where the wild festivities took place, featuring a totally zonked-out tie-less “guest of honor” ex-Hizzoner Villaraigosa, arm and arm with an equally stoned Sheen.

This nasty picture plus other severely compromising snap shots taken at this wingding that the Mexican Drug Cartel in question possess could be used as blackmail against Antonio in the most unlikely event that he actually got himself elected Senator!

These sexy photos of a cavorting Antonio may very well surface in MSM in an upcoming political campaign to raise many too many embarrassing questions that promise to haunt the future of an AV bid for Boxer’s Senate seat or even a worthless shot of his at California Governor 4 very long years from now!

LA Times Boss Beutner bestowed his editorial blessing on that recent horribly racist/sexist LAT political cartoon by Horsey that depicts former SF Mayor Willie Brown as a Gangster/Thug, as well as disgustingly depicting Attorney General & Villaraigosa Senatorial opponent, Ms. Kamala Harris, with a huge backside and a big, ugly nose! (SEE BELOW!)
LAT Publisher Austin Beutner who has once again deliriously fallen under the spell of Villaraigosa ordered this cartoon garbage to be splattered on his editorial page in order to sneakily damage the Kamala Harris Senate campaign and promote the revival of the still dormant career of his longtime bosom buddy and one-time steadfast employer, Mr. Antonio Ramon Villaraigosa!
The Young Democrats Poll just released … and reported on 3 thousand miles away in the widely-respected, non-partisan DC publication, The Hill, promises to be Antonio’s very last straw: Kamala leads Antonio by 2to1 in a head-to-head match-up:45% to 23%.

Villaraigosa’s favorable rating stands at a mere 26%; compared to a whopping 44% unfavorable mark!

Right now the only group solidly behind Antonio Villaraigosa For U.S. Senate appears to be the MSM male reporters and male editors who enjoy his flirting with them and their flirting right back at him!

SWAK! xxxxx


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