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What the CD4 Candidates Do Not Want Voters to Know – by Scott Zwartz


February 15, 2015

All CD4 candidates are keeping two facts secret from CD4 Voters.

1.    There is no viable Hollywood Community Plan

2.    City Council follows an unlawful voting scam which allows each councilmember to be absolute ruler in his/her own district

No Viable Hollywood Community Plan:

On January 15, 2014, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Allan Goodman threw out Garcetti’s Hollywood Community Plan Update on the grounds that it was based on fatally flawed data, wishful thinking and it subverted the law. [PDF to 1-1-52014 Decision: SZ_2015-02-15]http://bit.ly/1zFBtOP, http://bit.ly/1DdHgT4

As a result, Hollywood reverted to the 1988 Hollywood Community Plan.  Thus, Hollywood has been approving massive new projects on decades old data from the 1980’s and before.  That is much, much worse that the Update which Judge Goodman threw out.  (A prior JwalshConfidential article, Corrupt Courts Devastate Hollywood – A Matter Public Concern, shows how Judge Goodman later sabotaged his own decision http://bit.ly/16ZPD6U)

It gets worse.  The 1988 Hywd Community Plan had its Commerce Section expire in 2010. http://bit.ly/19kXU6T  That means there is no Holly-wood Community Plan.  Without a community plan, each project is unlawful.  The City ignored the law with The 2012 Hollywood Community Plan Update.  That is what Judge Goodman meant when he said that “it subverted the law.”

The Target Project at Sunset-Western violated the law and the court ordered Target to stop building.

The Sunset-Gordon Project violated the law and that judge had its occupancy permits revoked.

Despite Judge Goodman’s decision, The City continued to pursue its pro-developer agenda which diverts hundreds of millions of dollars from The City into a new type of developer slush fund after the State has abolished The City Community Redevelopment Agency, CRA/LA.  Ignoring Judge Goodman’s January 15, 2014 Decision, the City is pressing ahead in a little known Housing and Community Investment Department (HCID).  http://bit.ly/1FPx1CO (HELP’s April 8, 2014 letter of objections to The City)

Any candidate running for CD4 should know that Hollywood has no viable community plan. Yet, none share this information with the voters.  Either they are too lazy to find out or they are too dishonest to tell.

The City Council’s Long Standing Voting Scam

The L.A. City Council has had an unlawful vote trading scam for years.  That is why the councilmembers vote unanimously over 99% of the time.  Councilmembers love this illegal agreement because it makes each council-member absolute ruler of his/her district.  Under the agreement, each council district must support whatever another councilmember wants for his/her district.  It is the classic “You vote for me; I’ll vote for you.”  (Contrary to some want the public to believe, Penal Code § 86 is not about bribery where money changes hands.  Rather, it makes any voting agreement illegal.  Bribery is a completely different issue.)

In California this type of vote trading is illegal.  Penal Code, § 86 makes all voting agreements among city councilmembers criminal.  Yes, criminal.  The maximum sentence for one violation is 4 years in prison

Briefly, Penal Code, § 86 says:

Penal Code, § 86. (Short Version). Every Member .. of a city (council). . . who .. gives, . . . (his/her) official vote in consideration that another member of city (council) give (his/her) vote either upon the same or another question, is punishable by imprisonment in the state prison for two, three, or four years. Complete Penal Code, § 85 & 86 here:  http://bit.ly/1FaHr2j

Not a single CD4 candidate has addressed this issue, although they all must know about it.  While we understand why any councilmember would want to have maximum say within his/her own district, the voting agreement leaves all of our residential neighborhoods vulnerable to attacks from adjacent districts.

It does not matter how harmful a project in CD13 may be to Larchmont, Hancock Park, The Dell, Melrose Hill, the Hollywood Hills, all councilmembers including CD4 have to vote for the CD 13 projects.  History has proven this illegal voting pact to be real.  A voting agreement is the only way a 15 member city council can vote unanimously over 99% of the time.  With 10,000 items, the chances of 99% unanimous voting happening by chance are about one in infinity.

Until that unlawful voting scam is ended, no councilmember can protect his district from horrible projects in a neighboring district.

Nor is there any way that a councilmember can stop other districts from draining hundreds of millions of dollars from the general fund in order to pay for the pet projects in their areas.  Who, do you think, will pay for the hundreds of millions of dollars that is being given to Korean Airlines and The Chinese Government developers in DTLA?  Not only the residents of DTLA, but all Angelenos end up paying.  When The Korean Airlines high rise does not have to pay taxes, every Angeleno suffers.

This type of corruption will continue until the illegal voting agreement is stopped.  No CD4 candidate has addressed this overwhelmingly important fact about Los Angeles City government.

The City’s Refusal to Issue a New Notice of Preparation for a New Hollywood Community Plan Deprives Voters of the Data That They Need to Assess the Impact of New Projects

According to CalTrans, the developments in CD13 Hollywood impact anyone from the San Fernando Valley who uses the Hollywood Freeway to reach downtown L.A.   http://lat.ms/1EhVS0z Caltrans Waves Red Flag on Millennium Hollywood Project June 19, 2013 Michael Hiltzik

By refusing to issue a new Hollywood Community Plan, The City is preventing CalTrans and all other city and state agencies from contributing their most recent data for the public to inspect.  The City knows that what CalTrans has to say will reveal the disaster for any Angeleno who has to use the Holly-wood Freeway.  It will be a disaster for Studio City and Van Nuys as well as for Hollywoodians.

Nor does the City want to have the public learn what the Metropolitan Water District will say about the impact of the mega-densification will have on L.A.’s water supply.

Nor does the City want the public to find out the true state of our water mains and our sewers.  With a Notice of Preparation for a Hollywood Community Plan Update, that information would become public.

As many people realize, City officials want to keep the data on the earthquake fault zones and fault lines in Hollywood a secret from the public.  If the City issues a Notice of Preparation for a new Hollywood Community Plan Update, the state geologists could make all their data known to the public and The City would have to produce all its data about earthquakes so that the public could scrutinize it.

There Needs to Be a Moratorium on All Projects until the City Completes a New Hollywood Community Plan

For a couple of reasons, some of which may actually be criminal, Judge Goodman’s February 11, 2014 Judgment and Writ did not order the City to prepare a new Hollywood Community Plan. (Feb 11, 2014 Judgment & Writ http://bit.ly/1AbsHfb, and Scott Zwartz’ article Corrupt Courts Devastate Hollywood http://bit.ly/16ZPD6U)

Any CD4 candidate who wanted L.A.’s future to be based on realistic data and honest demographics would be demanding a total moratorium on all Hollywood Projects until the new Hollywood Community Plan has been approved.

A year ago few people foresaw the need for a moratorium, as most people did not see the gigantic loophole in Judge Goodman’s Feb. 11, 2014 Judgment and Writ.  Now we are witnessing the mounting disaster that this bit of judicial corruption is visiting upon Hollywood and anyone who lives near Hollywood.

 The Worst Is Yet to Come!

There are mega-projects planned all over Hollywood in both CD4 and CD13 and each one is based on fatally flawed data.  There is the huge mixed-use Project on Santa Monica Boulevard a couple blocks east of Highland Avene, there is the outlandishly large 8120-8150 Sunset Boulevard, there is the monstrous 7107 Hollywood high rise at the intersection with La Brea Avenue, there is still the discredited Millennium Project on Vine Street, and the CBS towers, not to mention the Three Towers at The Palladium as well as the project to the east at 4900 Sunset Boulevard.

Not a single CD4 candidate has actually taken any effective stand against the devastation that Hollywood is undergoing and how much worse it will become in the next few years.  A ballpark guess is that we are at best about 25% through the construction mania.  Take whatever problems CD4 now has with traffic, crime, water mains’ bursting, terrible streets and worse sidewalks, lack of police and paramedics, etc. and multiple those problems by 400%.


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