No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

UPDATE ON Match 3rd Election DayvBALLOT RECOMMENDATIONS! Check out earlier post here for ballot recommendations details!

Election 2015

VOTE NO ON CITY CHARTER AMENDMENTS 1&2: An attempt to cancel local Election Days to dilute African American voting strength as well as underhandedly bestowing on Mayor Garcetti and all 15 of his painfully and blindly loyal L.A. City Council Members  a 5 1/2 year term instead of the 4 year term that is printed on your March 3rd ballot!

Backers claim publicly their motivation is totally UNSELFISH!! They  just want Good Government! Yeah, right! But the hidden campaign fund $$$ backers currently stuffing your mailbox with those expensive, super-slick Yes Brochures are led on the down-low by CLEAR CHANNEL, The Billboard Behemoth, who wants to dumb down the electorate so CLEAR CHANNEL can slip a nefarious pro-Billboard measure past the  “fatigued” voters on a crowded even year National/State/ County/City monster ballot in the near future that would  allow Clear Channel to inundate LA, with even more and more and more huge digital billboards — especially on the Westside — that instantly lower the real estate value of any owners home!

SO VOTE NO ON CITY CHARTER AMENDMENTS 1 & 2. DAMMITT or you’ll surely live to regret it!

Vote for super-dependable Nadine Diaz or steadfast Gloria Molina! Thereby terminating Councilman Jose Huizar’s political career once and for all!  YIPPEE!

Anybody But Scott Svonkin for Community College Board of Trustees!! Don’t even look at that hyper-ugly giant Scott Svonkin Billboard sitting ugly on a rooftop at the corner of Hollywood Blvd. & Vermont Avenue! It will make you sick!

Vote for Eric Preven for City Council against Slick as Sh*T, Nasty Little Rich Boy Amateur Clothes Model, Mr. Paul Krekorian always trying to impress you by wearing those $1,500-2,000 suits of his!

Vote NO on Measure O in Hermosa Beach which would allow underwater oil drilling to start up there!

Re-elect Bennet Kayser, the target of  those nasty, dirty TV ads costing tens of thousands of dirty dollars!

Vote “Anybody But Tamar Galatzan” for LAUSD School Board!

Vote for Grace Yoo For City Council to throw Herb into a run-off and ultimately in the run-off sending Wesson packing for good!

Re-elect Councilwoman Nury Martinez who has the guts to publicly oppose City Charter Amendments 1&2!

Check out the ballot recommendations previously posted slightly at this same website for more details!



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