No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

Actual reason AV turned tail and ran like hell from U.S. Senate race despite fawning encouragement from male political pundits who encouraged Antonio to run after he shamelessly flirted with them! Are compromising pics taken @Cabo San Lucas Luxury Hotel party by Drug Cartel members who threw the wild party now in FBI hands!? Resigned Antonio forced to bail out of Senate race!


Everybody in MSM knows what appears below is accurate but un-publishable due to its severe political-incorrectness!

Would you drop out of the Senate race faced with a reputation-scorching situation like what Antonio is now facing?

Guess what’s In the hands of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Washington D.C.?

Perhaps those hidden camera shots taken at the Charlie Sheen Drugs & Sex Party by the Mexican Drug Cartel owners of the Cabo San Lucas Luxury Hotel, featuring a drugged-out ex-LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa receiving oral sodomy from a Mexican sex worker, bearing a slight resemblance to Hizzoner’s ex-wife?

Nobody is going to pledge a damn dime’s worth of donation to an Antonio For Senator Campaign because this is precisely what would-be donors are afraid happened at that Mexican Wing-Ding! Nobody backs a horse for Senator that is a sure loser out of the gate!

As a result, Antonio Villaraigosa’s political career is now officially history! His shameless flirting with male political reporters statewide and country-wide to get a favorable story out of them is over for good!


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