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Judge John Torribio, Norwalk’s Dept G Winner of The Contest to Find California’s Most Corrupt Judge – by Scott Zwartz

Doctorine_FinalMarch 17, 2015

Judge John Torribio, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge, who reigns over Department G, in Norwalk, has won the contest to be California’s most corrupt judge.

Judge Torribio needs to be congratulated as he had a lot of heavy competition. As federal appeals court judge, Alexis Kozinski, said on January 28, 2015, the California courts have an epidemic of perjury and other foul misdeeds.

But, without further ado, let’s get to our winner and see what he did to earn the title, California’s Most Corrupt Judge.   It is his Doctrine Sort of Jurisdiction! (The doctrine’s full name is “The Doctrine of Sort of Jurisdiction without Due Process.”)

If you haven’t heard of the Doctrine of Sort of Jurisdiction, don’t fret; no one had heard of the idea before Judge Torribio named the phenomenon on March 9, 2015. The Doctrine Sort of Jurisdiction occurs when a judge wants to take something away from a private citizen, so he issues an order.

Under the Doctrine of Sort of Jurisdiction, there is no need for any case to be before the judge. Also, the Doctrine abolishes Due Process. To grasp the significance of the Doctrine of Sort of Jurisdiction without Due Process, one has to realize the hurdles that Judge Torribio had to overcome.

Previously, the government had limited powers and the powers of courts were very limited. Judges could not roam around the countryside issuing orders: “Give me that car,” “That house now belongs to my brother-in-law,” “That pretty young lady is divorced and has to marry my syphilitic son,” “I may fire any attorney who investigates corruption.”

The Constitution also had the troublesome requirement of Due Process. Due Process meant that the courts have to follow certain procedures that are fair to everyone. A judge may not take evidence from only one side while telling the other to shut up, and then rule against the side which had been prevented from presenting any evidence.

On March 9, 2015 Judge Torribio announced his new concept of Doctrine of Sort of Jurisdiction without Due Process in the case of SaveHollywood.Org and Hollywoodians Encouraging Logical Planning v the City of Los Angeles, Case # BC 138 370.

In discussing a prior incident in December 2014 where Justice Paul Turner had issued an order over a matter where he had no jurisdiction and where there was no Due Process, John Torribio justified the Justice Turner’s firing of SaveHywd’s attorney, Richard MacNaughton, on the basis of Doctrine Sort of Jurisdiction. [For judicial wonks, a longer analysis of Judge Torribio’s Doctrine of Sort of Jurisdiction follows and will be posted here as a link]

In December 2014, Justice Turner wanted to cover up Judge Goodman’s abuse of office which had resulted in the City of L.A.’s being coerced to pay Judge Goodman’s buddy Frank Angel $1/4 Million.  The problem was SaveHywd’s attorney Richard MacNaughton possessed the documentation of the abuse of office.   Thus, Attorney Mac Naughton had to go.

Justice Turner’s December 2014 action of firing Attorney MacNaughton was akin to President Nixon‘s firing Watergate special  prosecutor Archibald Cox. Attorney General Elliot Richardson had refused Nixon’s order to fire Cox; so too had Deputy Attorney General, William Ruckelshaus.  Third in line was Solicitor General Robert Bork who fired special prosecutor Archibald Cox.

Justice Turner’s firing SaveHwyd’s Attorney MacNaughton had the same goal as the firing of Archibald Cox, i.e., obstruction of justice The only way to stop Attorney MacNaughton was to follow in the footsteps of October 1973 – fire the troublesome attorney. Like Elliot Richardson, SaveHywd would not fire Attorney MacNaughton, so Justice Turner became the Robert Bork who fired Attorney MacNaughton.

As an appeals court justice, Turner had the paraphernalia to write out orders and to send them out through the official channels of government. Turner uses this mechanism not only to remove Attorney MacNaughton as SaveHywd’s attorney but also to replace MacNaughton with Frank Angel, the recipient of the $1/4 Million.

Summary of Why John Torribio is California’s Most Corrupt Judge:

In March 2015 Judge Torribio justified Turner’s December 2014’s firing of Attorney MacNaughton by inventing The Doctrine of Sort of Jurisdiction Without Due Process.  When a judge wants to do something, like shut up an attorney who complains about corruption, all the judge needs to do is invoke the Doctrine.  In its rawest form the Doctrine means this: “As judges we may do anything we want because you, Attorney MacNaughton, are a nobody. We can trample over you and no one is going to do anything about it. “

That, folks, is the Doctrine of Sort of Jurisdiction without Due Process.


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