No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

African-American Stepin Fetchit’s Walk of Fame Star in shocking disrepair! Black City Council President & Hispanic Jewish Mayor Garcetti don’t refuse to repair! Black actor’s Star @1751 Vine Street near Hollywood Palace Theater!


Take a really good look! Film Great Mr. Stepin Fetchit is allowed to be gouged for years and remain absolutely filthy while other Walk of Fame (White) Stars are constantly cleaned and repaired!


To begin with the Hollywood Walk of Fame has always been racist for excluding so many Black Stars like Rock and Roll Icon Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, who actually lived only a few blocks from The Hollywood Walk of “SHAME”!

Hispanic and Asian stars fare no better because it’s a largely lily white Hollywood Walk!

This hidden in plain sight outrage is so symbolic of the prejudiced treatment of African-Americans in Los Angeles since Mayor Tom Bradley left office more than 20 years ago!

Do Mainstream Media and the blogosphere cover news of Anti-Black discrimination only when thousands of supposedly-threatening Black faces march militantly through the shabby streets of Los Angeles and onto its dysfunctional freeways in order to protest vehemently over the latest outrageous LAPD street killing of an un-armed African-American?

Unfortunately outside of crime news, African-Americans in Los Angeles are largely invisible to the MSM!

Our website demands an immediate restoration & re-polishing of Mr. Stepin Fetchit’s shamefully neglected Walk of “Infamy” Star!

Will MSM continue to black out any mention of this highly embarrassing story to LA Mayor Garcetti and the other pols who pander to those who anonymously call the shots behind the scenes on The Hollywood Walk of Fame?






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