No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

Sodomite Suppression Act Blowback! (No pun intended!) If Attorney-General Harris fails to stop this outrageously homophobic petition, please be assured this website to sponsor “Anti-Sodomite Suppression” petition legalizing the killing of anyone signing “The California Sodomite Suppression” petition!



The U.S Constitution denies anyone the right to shout “FIRE!” in a crowded theater! By logical legal extension, the U.S. CONSTITUTION denies anyone the right to shout “Kill all Gays!” in a theater crowded with homophobes! That’s a crime! It’s so obvious that no voter petition has the authority to void criminal law!

Thus anyone freely choosing to sign the Sodomite Suppression Petition may be charged as an accessory to any related Anti-Gay violent criminal actions (sparked by the act of statewide petition signature gathering) that is likely to occur in the future!

We’re drop dead serious about our website’s determined course of radical action! This is not a gag like other would-be anti-Sodomite Suppression petitions that are currently floating around in the blogosphere strictly for laughs!

Meanwhile the Mainstream Media at large continues to treat dishonestly this potentially murderous attack on the lives of all Gays’ as if it is some harmless, silly joke!

We plan to fight fire with fire! If the Gay Haters’ master plan is to legalize the wholesale California penalty-free execution of Gays, both Golden State residents as well as tourists, then we @ hollywoodhighlands.org, plan to qualify with the State Attorney-General and circulate a counter petition that legalizes the wholesale elimination of homophobes who dare to sign this Sodomite Suppression Petition! Tracking them down one by one … purely in self-defense, of course!

Let’s not forget that the names and addresses of all those who actually sign the Sodomite Suppression Petition will be available to the general public under California State law!

Tit for Tat!

Los Angeles Gay leaders like City Councilmen Bonin & O’Connell oddly remain timidly silent, waiting to gauge which way the wind is blowing before opening their mouths!

If the Court system ultimately trips up our brave Anti-Homophobe Attorney-General Ms. Kamala Harris who has just filed to stop this Gay-hating onslaught, then let the mutually fatal signature gathering begin! (ONLY IN CALIFORNIA! GOD HELP US!)

The closeted, self-hating Gays hiding out at the LA Times have attacked our courageous AG Kamala Harris for showing her profile in courage by seeking this desperately-needed injunctive relief! These to-be-pitied individuals on Spring Street would have attacked Ms. Harris just as nastily if she had done absolutely nothing in reaction to this foul petition!

Plus … Don’t be surprised in the least when a planet-wide Gay boycott of the entire state of California quickly takes shape in reaction to this horrendously worsening situation!

Please note well that not a single California State elected official so far has spoken up to condemn this Sodomite Suppression Petition, with the notable aforementioned exception of Attorney General Ms. Kamala Harris; and not a peep from our long-time totally asexual for decades ( Ask his wife! ) Governor Brown! Is he neutral…or maybe Jerry is just plain neuter?

For shame!








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