No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

Great way to save California water! Fight Drought by Public Urinal Sharing! Up to 3 adults at a time! Save hundreds of millions of precious gallons! Pee the PC Way! Governor Jerry Brown endorsement sought! LA Mayor Garcetti endorsement is imminent!


Public Urinal Sharing is a sure-fire brand new way to lick The Monster Drought sucking us bone- dry and it’s totally cost free!

From now on politely ask the other adults near you in any public restroom for permission to share a urinal with them simultaneously! The natural awkwardness involved in making such an up-till-now unusual request is bound to disappear after the second or third try! This simple habit change is guaranteed to cut flushing wasted water down the drain by 50% ! Three-ways will save even more water!  WOW!  WHEE!

So far the only opposition to this common-sense alternative course of elimination/action comes from a tiny bunch of angry homophobes! Get over it, guys! No one is hot to check out your junk! Close your eyes if you have to!

We must take some radical measures to save water now!

The LA City Council vote to make Public Urinal Sharing an official city-wide policy is expected as soon as next week! The ultimate solution to The Drought may actually be found right here in our own hands!

The next stop is Sacramento for Governor Jerry Brown’s signature on Public Urinal Sharing State Legislation! Okay!!!

Go ask Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti for his own political stance on this Public Urinal Sharing Controversy. You may be quite surprised by his honest reaction!

For more info: Tweeting @Hollywooddems


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