No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

LA City Mayor Eric Garcetti ordered City Water fountains cut off while LA County Mayor Mike Antonovich refuses to cut off LA County Fountains! See photographic evidence below of this colossal waste of precious MWD water in the midst of California’s worst drought in history as news media ignores this serious situation! Highlighted by the huge fountain in L.A.’s Downtown Grand Park that’s still operating!


Fountains in this California county of 10 million residents, the most populous in America, are wasting a huge number of untold gallons daily through the inevitable evaporation that is taking place while LA County Mayor Mike Antonovich is sending an extremely wasteful message to the General Public!

Here’s the terrible situation we’re now faced with water-wise: California Republican County Mayors like LA Supervisor Mike Antonovich are steadfast “Drought Deniers” vs. California Democrat City Mayors such as L.A.’s Eric Garcetti, who are militant “Drought Fighters”!

Mainstream Media reporters & editors as well as news bloggers everywhere must ask these two dueling Mayors for an explanation of their current action or inaction!

Why not a Garcetti/Antonovich public debate on “The Political Future” of The Drought?

This picture above was taken next to the LA County Bldg. At Grand Park while the Weekly L.A. County Board of Supervisors meeting was in progress on Tuesday, April 14th!

The current copy of The Los Angeles Downtown News can be clearly seen on a table in the foreground of the photo in question, proving once and for all the time frame when this photo was shot!






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