No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

Victorious Attorney Robert Silverstein speaks on Sat., 5/9 @ 10a at Hollywood Presbyterian Church! Find how you too can stop plans for ugly monster skyscrapers erected in your own neighborhood


Have you read the article and seen the map in LA TIMES “Hollywood Skyscrapers are Halted”? Winning Attorney Robert Silverstein who whipped sorrowful LA City Attorney Mike Feurer in court will speak at the Hollywood Presbyterian Church at 6054 Yucca Street off Gower Street Saturday, May 9, at 10 AM.

Pasadena’s Robert Silverstein is the attorney representing Hollywood groups that successfully opposed these extremely harmful potential projects by convincing The Superior Court to invalidate the Twin Towers Millennium Project’s bogus EIR!

Thanks to The Silverstein Law Firm, the Court had previously thrown out Hollywood Community Plan!

In other words, the bold as brass plot to destroy the unique quality of the Hollywood Community, hatched by real estate speculators and their paid-off pols, is now dead in the water!


Plenty of free parking available in the Church parking lot that can be entered off Yucca St. @

PlancheckNC is the organization of the Planning and Land Use Committee that is sponsoring this great event!

Chairs and Members of the Los Angeles Neighborhood Councils are also backing this unique happening!

Thanks to Jacquie Shabel!

All invited to this free event!


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