No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

The reason for David Ryu’s (in reality) un-surprising victory had to be the undying support of, and often staunch endorsements from tireless political bloggers!


The simple reason for LA City Councilman-elect Ryu’s (in reality) fairly inevitable victory was the unbiased reporting of, and in some cases ringing endorsements from, diehard political bloggers all over the L.A. map!

That’s what turned out to be the if difference in this precedent-setting race made so complex by LA City Council President Herb Wesson’s nefarious post-2010 Census closed-door reapportionment that deliberately split the Korean Community into two Councilmanic districts in order to clip Korean American wings by attempting to insure that there would be no seat for Asian -Americans on The Los Angeles City Council for the foreseeable future! 

But on this Election Day Wesson back door scheme sure backfired on him big time, didn’t it?

Without all of us determined bloggers busy at our computers spreading the word for David Ryu for weeks in cyberspace and endorsing him for City Council in front of live TV camera during the official public comment portion of both City Council and County Supervisor meetings, up to and including Election Day, Mr. David Ryu would have narrowly lost to Ms. Carolyn Ramsay, as was smugly predicted ad nauseam by the blind mainstream media (MSM)!

If we, the tenacious, boat-rocking political bloggers, were able to turn around (from Ramsay to Ryu) a bare minimum of 800 voters, then that accounts for David’s 1,600 vote margin of victory right there!  We actually did a lot better than that vote-wise for the righteous winner!

In the “upset” aftermath of this election, The LA Times, in their perpetually slanted news coverage, is pretending that we, the political bloggers who supported David Ryu either don’t exist in the blogosphere or have no electoral clout there!

Please recall that LAT endorsed someone named Shiela Irani, another LaBonge ex-staffer, in the general election while also plugging 7 other Council candidates to replace Tom as “credible”! None of whom, of course, was Mr. Ryu! The Times editorial support for Ms. Ramsay in the run-off added no more than microscopically to her quite predictable, disappointing final vote total!

We independent web monkeys are The Los Angeles Times’ fiercest competitors in free-for-all cyberspace!

While many voters are busy visiting our various websites to obtain vital political information & independent, un-orthodox viewpoints that remain un-obtainable in their pages, these very same visitors aren’t occupying themselves by spending their time @ the faltering LAT Blog!

And after all, time is money! Please witness the large amounts of dough falling out of the growing cyber hole in The L.A. Times pocketbook!

WE WON! Lock, stock and barrel! Garcetti, Wesson, Times Publisher Austin (“Vote For Anybody But The Korean”) Beutner plus Carolyn all LOST deservingly on Election Night Tuesday!

The independent L.A. political bloggers proved themselves a force to be reckoned with this time … and the next time, to be sure!






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