No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

Hillary, Bernie & Martin DEBATE NOW! Is Hillary ready for a 3-WAY this June on the Capitol Mall. Democrat voters refuse to wait until next year for the BIG SHOWDOWN! Let’s see who’s gonna swoon come this June! Bob Schieffer as moderator? Who is going to chicken out? Marin O’Malley, Hillary Clinton, or Bernie Sanders? Stay tuned!


Maryland’s Martin O’Malley is seen here making debate couch room for opponents Hillary & Bernie! Voters are ready and able! Is this candidate trio willing to DEBATE NOW!

MSM& News Blogosphere: Try contacting them to asking the three whether they are prepared enough to accept this cordial invitation to DEBATE NOW!

The only valid excuse for a Hillary Clinton turndown at this juncture would be chronic poor health? What’s holding up this trio of candidates from bowing to public pressure and agreeing to DEBATE NOW?

The CLINTONS-dominated Democratic Party has been ordered to wait until far-off 2016 for its “official” debut of a series of hyper-controlled (6?) debates to kick-off the Primary Season rather late! No way: DEBATE NOW!

Grassroots Democrats say: “Stop dawdling! What are you three waiting for? DEBATE NOW!”

Or just drop out to make way for other candidates who aren’t reticent to DEBATE NOW!

Let’s extend an open-air invitation to all of America’s Democrats to visit the Washington Mall (on neutral territory) this June to witness the Great Debate, starring Hillary, Bernie & Martin, as the only officially declared Democrat Presidential hopefuls, in order to help all of us to decide upon our Presidential Primary Nomination & November election choice that much easier! DEBATE NOW!

How about the just-retired Bob Schieffer as the non-partisan Capitol Mall Democratic Presidential Debate moderator?


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