No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

Subject: Mainstream Media cravenly ignores vile anti-Semitic Internet attacks on Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders like this one here. Senator Sanders is the first Jew with a serious chance of actually getting elected President of the United States! Anti-Semitic forces world-wide are joining hands to defeat him!


Is Senator Bernie Sanders getting used to the vile anti-Semitic epithets getting hurled in his face daily since newly-embarking on the Presidential Campaign trail? Visit Red State website for the shocking details of one such recent face-to-face Jew-Hating incident that Senator Sanders was forced to endure!

More and more anonymous hate posters aimed at Bernie’s unique candidacy are finding their way onto the Internet and spreading swiftly! Anti-Semitic recruits are being summoned to militant action in this pernicious manner!

See one such hate poster above and another hate poster below!

Why is Mainstream Media (MSM) studiously ignoring this flood of horrendous anti-Semitism aimed at Senator Bernie Sanders whose father was a Polish immigrant? It should be noted that most of his father’s family perished in The Holocaust! Senator Sanders’ Jewish mother was born in America where he grew up in Brooklyn!

We call on Candidate Clinton and husband Bill to publicly condemn this evil injection of scary anti-Semitism into the U.S. Presidential Race!

Or else the volume of such hate speech aimed at her Jewish opponent is bound to get even worse if Hillary decides to keep silent and simply look the other way!


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