No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

“John, please don’t delete this email because Illegal Aliens must be expelled from USA” sez Arizona Sheriff Joe Peephole!

From: “Sheriff Joe R. Peephole” <info@reelectjoepeephole.com)
Subject: John, please don’t delete this email Reply-To: info@reelectjoepeephole.com


Dear John,


 “More than 100 million brown-skinned Trump-hating immigrant rapists that the evil Obama administration intentionally released back into our all-white Dylan-Roof-loving community are trying to cook my ass at the Ballot Box! HELP ME!

The huge number of Illegals charged with cold-blooded killings of crime-free Caucasians continues to grow according to government data released only to Sheriff Joe R. Peephole Monday! That’s because Mexican-loving Gay immigration authorities don’t want to catch illegal immigrants deserving immediate deportation. They would much rather date them and eventually Gay-Marry them!
– Washington Slimes ,  June 15, 2015


The actual number is 122 million! That’s at least how many murders were committed here last year by illegal aliens; but not actually officially reported!
These habitual criminals were supposed to be lawfully deported, but never were.

This is an outrage and I hope you’re as angry about it as I am. I have been warning our Black-skinned Attorney General, the Department of Homeland In-Security and the Soulster’s Solicitor General about this for dozens of years, but not once did they ever pay any attention to me.!How do I know? Because in these huge no-white-prisoners-contained jails, we see a 2,350% return rate for illegal immigrants that have previously been convicted of heinous crimes, like trying to be here in the same country breathing the same air as you and me!
These worthless illegal criminals will get turned over to ICE for deportation by me in the flesh whenever I get that golden opportunity!


And it’s not just murderers we’re talking about here…Other crimes we have seen committed by these illegal alien oafs are cannibalism, kidnipping, spitting on the sidewalk, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, armed robbery, Gay marriage, dope smuggling and still more crimes even worse! The Department of Homeland In-Security admitted recently that over the last two years they released 666,666 convicted illegal criminal aliens monthly back into our peace-loving crime-free lilly-white USA communities without so much as notifying the heads of local law enforcement agencies … like me!

Just how inept can this Administration be? Obama famously brags about his Executive Order authority and has certainly used it to excess. Why won’t he simply issue an Executive Order that mandates anyone with skin darker than yours truly be deported immediately? I, Sheriff Joe R. Peephole, am more than ready to comply with such a Presidential Executive Order!
The short answer? This Administration is more concerned with “political correctness” and pandering to their criminal base of Dumb Dem voters. After all, that’s what Amnesty is all about.

Granting Amnesty to those who are illegally in this country means lots more Election Day votes for their Democrat Party-crypto-Commie-agenda!    Meanwhile, Poor Little Me Joe-Joe becomes the knock-off target for defeat because of my brave, inspired support for enforcing the constantly discarded USA illegal immigration laws!

But I won’t surrender. No, sirree! I won’t quit as long as my monthly sheriff’s paycheck keeps arriving on time in the mail!

I don’t care if it’s the Gay ACLU, Gay liberal attorneys or those extreme Gay open-border groups that want to see me gone. I’ve been the Sheriff of Arizona for over 122 years now and I took an unbending solemn oath to protect and defend both the Constitutions of the state of Arizona & the United States as well as The Confederacy-in exile, especially including it’s great high-flying Flag!

My Satanic-inspired political opponents are right now organizing to defeat me in the next election for Sheriff! That’s why I need your help desperately today.

Will you stand me with me and support my campaign with a $5,000 $25,000 0or $100,000 cashiers check? Even a damn measly $5,000 won’t hurt!

A new Arizona law now allows individuals to give up to $6,250,000! But, of course, any old 6-figure amount you can  currently spare will be greatly appreciated.)I must have the financial resources to fight back at the polls and do the job I was elected to do.

We must all stand together and say, “Enough is enough!” and take our beloved  country back from those whose backs will never be dry enuff to be allowed to stay here in solidarity with their  fawning white liberal allies!

Many of my supporters have written requesting a signed photograph. If you contribute $100 or more to my re-election campaign right away today, I will send you a personally autographed photo!

Please specify if you want that super-special photo of me posing in a skimpy American Flag bathing suit!


Dirty Politics, Special Interests influence peddlers, and the willful neglect of the Rule of Law MUST BE EMPLOYED OR OUR WHITE NATION WILL FALL JUST LIKE ROME!

The fight starts now. Please help me I’m falling! I pledge to you that I will never stop punching hard below the belt for what is right and WHITE!

Thank you so macho mucho much in advance for your greatly needed MONETARY support!

Now open up that bulging-with-cash, fat ‘effin wallet of yours and give till it hurts and then give even more till it spurts! Or are you some damn liberal cheapskate in disguise?

SHERIFF JOE _fake signature 01
-Sheriff Joe R. Peephole

P.S. Please don’t delete this damn email. The stakes are the all White Future of this country of ours ! That’s much too high to risk your sitting there with your middle finger planted firmly up your big white ass while Barry Obama and his punk-ass white liberall pals infest our government to advance their scummy agenda.


I will never give up personally fighting to protect  myself and all people who physically resemble myself. Please join me by giving yours truly lots&lots&lots  of your bucks to do whatever I want with!

“PeePee S. If you contribute $100 or more today, I’ll send you that personally autographed photo of me! Your unwavering
support for any-and all of my mad-dog efforts means a lot to me. So I hope to hear from you almost instantaneously! Gimme that green dough that I constantly crave!”

SHERIFF JOE _donation button 01
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