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Los Angeles local bus transit agency comes to the rescue for 1,500 Special Olympics athletes stranded at LAX until MTA emergency buses arrived to save the day!


 “Private Contract Buses” that were scheduled Tuesday to pick up Special Olympics athletes at the L.A. airport and take them to various destinations around the Southland inexplicably failed to show up, defaulting on a contract!

Anxious Special Olympics organizers out of sheer desperation phoned the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Agency (LAMTA) pleading for any kind of last minute help to avert mounting chaos at the LAX terminal where Special Olympians stood around all dressed up with nowhere to go!

Miraculously, this public agency, LAMTA, which is responsible for local bus transit, stepped in and delivered 1,500 Special Olympics stranded participants to their emergency destination of Loyola-Marymount University without the slightest untoward incident!

The Special Olympics pleading phone call for help was received by MTA out of the blue at about 6 p.m. Tues and MTA immediately leapt into action!

Approximately 20 emergency MTA passenger buses arrived at LAX shortly after 7p.m.& began the long, arduous task of transporting the 1,500 Special Olympics stranded participants safely and securely to Loyola  Marymount University where the Red Cross took over the rescue mission from there!

(See photo here of Special Olympics athletes ultimately in safe hands, sleeping securely under Red Cross blankets on the hard floor of LMU Auditorium!)

MTA buses continued their rescue mission, traveling back and forth between LAX and Loyola Marymount University with their precious passenger load all night long and into the early AM … until the last stranded Special Olympics athlete arrived at the temporary Red Cross Shelter at Loyola Marymount University by 3 AM!  A Herculean task that took 8-hours!

BRAVO! Incredible rescue work by MTA!

But the MTA Board members aren’t particularly interested in this amazing MTA bus rescue story appearing prominently in the Mass Media Spotlight because the MTA Board members, including LA Mayor Eric Garcetti, have as their primary focus publicly lauding its faltering passenger rail transportation program in order to get lots more rail funding out of Congress … while allowing their stepchild bus service to continue shrinking and withering away!

Good publicity for its bus system is strictly verboten at MTA. Hence the attempted media blackout during MTA’s finest hour!

Is the actual reason for this terrible transportation foul-up being swept under the rug by the Special Olympics well-paid executives to preserve the Special Olympics flawless image?

Who is ultimately responsible for this quite avoidable snafu, which could have turned into a prolonged nightmare if it weren’t for MTA’s swift and silent rescue operation!

There must be a public investigation into this abject transportation failure!

The above facts were obtained by the websites mentioned below at the MTA Monthly Board Meeting at MTA HQ on Thurs. the 23rd of July!





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Special Olympics 02

Special Olympics 01


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