No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

Debater Carly Fiorina lied when she said that her child died to drug addiction in a naked attempt to induce sympathy! The child in question was her 2nd husband’s; not hers. “The child” was 35 y. o. Cause of death was alcoholism & bulimia according to her Wikipedia! Did Carly have her brain removed and offered for sale as she alleges happened to a video-taped phantom fetus?


Does Ms. Carly Fiorina’s gender render her so politically-correct that she is allowed to lie during the Reagan Library debate without challenge from MSM or the news blogosphere?

Lying about a child’s death that  was not her own child; as well as lying about anything concerning Planned Parenthood, and lying too about a purely NON-EXISTENT brain-sucking infant video tape that she now has absurdly challenged pro-Planned Parenthood Hillary Clinton to watch!

Ms. Carly Fiorina tried this same kind of hyper-lying bluster when she ran disastrously not too long ago for U.S Senate against triumphant Senator Barbara Boxer!



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