No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

“Anybody But Hillary For President Campaign” asks Bill Clinton: Is Hillary’s run for President fizzling? Hubby Bill Clinton’s response: “It all depends upon what your definition of “is” is! Drop out now! Return the unused campaign funds! Why not deputize Monica Lewinsky to take your place@future campaign stops to break the “bad” news of your withdrawal? DROP OUT OF THE PRESIDENTIAL RACE RIGHT NOW! MS. CLINTON! Hillary’s campaign losing steam!


Drop out of the race right away, Ms. Hillary “Sinkin/Stinkin” Clinton, and return all the unused campaign funds to the donors that you conned the big dough out of by convincing those hyper-naive types that you were a sure thing/slam dunk for next Prez!

Hillary, don’t turn into a sore loser! There’s still a chance to salvage at least some of your down-the-drain self-respect!

Hillary, avoid endless further embarrassment! Your abortive 2016 Presidential candidacy is in free fall! Your poll numbers sink daily! Treat this Presidential Race of yours like a bad dream!


Hillary, aren’t you now more like a rat caught in a trap, chewing its own leg off in a panic to escape? Who is you closest campaign advisor, Monica Lewinsky?

Throw in the dirty towel!

Hillary, don’t continue to endanger your poor husband Bill’s quite fragile health by dragging his ancient butt along with you on the long, hard, futile campaign trail just to satisfy your own misplaced, inflated megalomania!

If Joe Biden fails to have the guts to jump in and challenge you, then John Kerry or California Governor Jerry Brown will inevitably decide to take his place and wind up whipping your pitifully proud butt in the future Primary Season and Democrat Party Convention!

Hillary, see the way that Senator Bernie Sanders swiftly demonstrated to the whole world your pathetic vulnerability to any kind of legitimate challenge! Therefore …



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