No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

Supervisor Mike Antonovich’s recent episodes of memory loss & odd behavior while chairing Supervisors’ Board prompt calls for early Alzheimer’s disease testing! If LA County Mayor Antonovich wishes to end stories regarding his mental health, then get a clean bill of health from a physician!


Recent accounts of Los Angeles County Mayor Mike Antonovich’s bouts with on-the-job memory loss are filling the corridors of L.A. County HQ with anxiety and lots of speculation concerning his current state of health; and have even spread down the block to L.A. City Hall where tongues are anxiously wagging!

Only a clean bill of health from an impartial M.D. will silence these growing rumors!

Meanwhile, the LA Times has decided to look the other way, refusing to check out this story!  Is the Times brand new Publisher afraid of the consequences of what might be learned from a thorough investigation by the Press?

To complicate matters further, termed-out Supe Michael Antonovich is now running hard for a San Gabriel Valley State Senate seat against Democrat Assembly members, Anthony Portantino and Mike Gatto, who should both join in this call presented here for a thorough medical exam of their opponent!

When Ronald Reagan Alzheimer’s rumors surfaced many years ago, he forthrightly volunteered to be tested! Do the same, Mike!

Mayor Antonovich’s behavior as Chairman of the Board of Supes @ meetings has recently included banning a member of the public (not yours truly) for 60 days … which odd action The L.A County Counsel required Board Chairman Antonovich to rescind the very next day!

At the latest Board meeting, Mike bizarrely bestowed 6 consecutive minutes of open public comment regarding a single agenda item on a solitary member of the public, who likes to fawn over him!

Such action by any prior L.A. Board of Supes Chair is unheard of and is clearly in violation of the L.A. County Board of Supervisors own rules on public input governed by the California State Ralph M. Brown Act, which can be found printed in any Board Agenda!

(To be continued!)


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