No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

NYT reports Hillary comes out in favor of the death penalty to attract Trump voters. Hillary now on record against abolition of racist capital punishment! Blacks deserting her candidacy in droves! Hillary exposes herself as a closet racist! In contrast, Bernie Sanders has always opposed the death penalty! Hillary starts to show her right wing streak!


If you, like candidate Hillary Clinton, aren’t already convinced that capital punishment is racist, then visit deathpenaltyinfo.org for the deadly statistics!

Candidate Clinton slaps down Black voters by waving the bloody red flag in favor of racist capital punishment!

Hillary to California: Hasn’t The Gas Chamber done a damn good job?

A future Hillary Presidency would do nothing to stop or discourage Black executions despite recent DNA testing proving scientifically that many African-Americans were wrongfully convicted of murder and sentenced to death!

Now that Hillary believes she is a sure thing to be elected U.S. President, she really doesn’t need the Black Vote anymore to win!  So she is beginning to show her true colors: WHITE!


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