No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

Neck of Russian Tourist in Hollywood slashed in front of his wife&children. Off-duty police come to the rescue! NYPD Cops, that is! TOURISTS BEWARE! Attack happened 1/2 block from theater that features yearly OSCAR CAST! Locals should also stay away from corner of Hollywood Blvd.& Highland Avenue! L.A. Is too dangerous to hold 2024 Olympic Summer Games here!


LA Times hates bad publicity for the city! Stories that make The City of Los Angeles appear out-of-control or dangerous to pedestrians get killed or buried deeply in the news!

LAT prefers to minimize or ignore shocking crime-ridden Hollywood news stories like this near-fatal one because if LA is regrettably chosen for The Summer 2024 Olympic Games, the real estate value of the Downtown Times Bldg. would greatly increase!

It would be quite absurd and self-destructive for The International Olympics Commission (IOC) that meets in Switzerland next year to select Los Angeles over other much more worthy Olympic candidate cities, such as Rome or Budapest!

If a couple of off-duty New York Police Department officers hadn’t been in the Hollywood crime area purely by chance, then this mad slasher who tried to murder a Russian tourist by slitting his throat would have succeeded in making a clean getaway!  Only in L.A.!

A rapidly-rising crime rate aimed at un-suspecting International Tourists who don’t know how to defend themselves while walking up and down “Hollyweird Boulevard” the way that our locals have been forced to learn for themselves in order to achieve sidewalk survival is appalling!

Why does this horrible Tinseltown situation persist?

Because Hollywood violent crime against innocent tourists has a very low priority for LA Mayor Eric Garcetti, who is currently quite busy trying to persuade presidential candidate Ms. Hillary Clinton to pick him as her VEEP!

In addition, Mayor Eric Garcetti’s ever-faithful white LAPD Chief Charlie Beck seems a whole lot more interested in defending his racist officers who use African-Americans in South Los Angeles for shooting practice!

There are still Russian tourist blood stains on the Hollywood Walk of Fame awaiting clean-up!

Take a good look!


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