No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

Get used to it! Pretty Boy/Terrorist/San Bernardino Mass Killer, Mr. Syed Farouk, looks just like GQ (Gentlemen’s Quarterly) model! Plan for 30,000 Syrian refugees entering USA is dead in the water! ISLAMIC TERRORIST LOOKS LIKE “Boy Next-Door”!

San Bernadino 01Farook Terrorist Rampage means plans for 30,000 Syrian refugees entering America are now stone cold dead! U.S. News media’s pathetic initial attempt to write off the San Bernardino massacre as simple workplace violence has fallen flat! Even FOX NEWS CABLE was initially saying there was no proof of Islamic Terrorism.

Sorry, Liberals! There are no stereotypical looks for an Islamic terrorist!  He or she may look like your brother or sister before mowing down huge numbers of Americans with an assault rifle!

LIMPDICK DEM LIBERALS’ PC WISDOM up ‘til now was Moslem women were incapable of picking up a rifle and slaughtering Americans! Not anymore!


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