No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

Ancient has been actress who played Zelda on DOBIE GILLIS TV Show, Sheila Kuehl curses out John Walsh @ LA COUNTY SUPERVISORS Meeting for her vote to speed up 100,000 terribly-vetted Syrians entrance into U.S (Many of whom are terrorists!)


Yours truly has been speaking at meetings of California legislative bodies during the State-mandated public comment period since 1972 in Berkeley. That’s 43 years! This is the very first time a politician has interrupted to curse at me foully while exercising my right to speak!

The guilty culprit is L.A. County Supervisor Ms. Shiela Kuehl!

MS. Kuehl is a washed-up child actress, dimly-remembered for playing Zelda on a cancelled TV series entitled Dobie Gillis, more than a half century in the past. She has recently descended upon local L.A. political office! (See photo below!)

Or ask your grandparents if they can possibly remember her that far away in the past!

At the meeting in question, LA County Counsel quickly ruled out of order the LA County Board of Supervisors outrageously illegal attempt to employ Los Angeles Sheriff Deputies (LASD) to strong-arm/eject me from the public meeting for speaking out at the microphone being after duly recognized against the Supervisors’ anti-Semitic vote to welcome 100 thousand Syrians to U.S.

Too many of these Syrian “refugees” will undoubtedly prove to be infiltrated ISIS-Al Qaeda inspired killer-terrorists, just like the recent Pakistani female immigrant by way of Saudi Arabia, who easily beat the U.S. vetting process and who just murdered 14 of us in San Bernardino!

Even the American Government’s own Intelligence Community is now admitting publicly that the terrorist vetting process of Islamic refugees is currently seriously flawed!

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors is actually the only legislative body in America to offer a welcome mat to these poorly-vetted Syrians after being heavily lobbied.

The Board of Supervisors resolution was indeed written by the lobbyists! This treacherous resolution that only one L.A. County Supervisor voted against incredibly asks President Barack Hussein Obama to speed up his plan to let the 100,000 Syrians into America. Instead, maybe we ought to invite 100,000 Nigerian refugees who have also been victimized by terrorists into America!
For the record, the jwalshconfidential blog is extremely anti-Donald Trump’s views on everything, including his outrageously un-Constitutional views on immigration!

This aborted attempt to silence yours truly was anxiously-orchestrated by County Supervisor Mr. Don Knabe and vigorously abetted by Supervisor Ms. Sheila Kuehl, in flagrant violation of The First Amendment as well as the California Brown Act that mandates a reasonable period of time be set aside at every public meeting of a legislative body so that members of the public in attendance may comment at the official microphone on the proceedings that they have just witnessed!

Triple Google L.A. Observer/Sheila Kuehl/John Walsh to watch the official video and read a reporter’s account of what outrageously transpired at the Tuesday, December 8, 2015 LA County Board of Supervisors Meeting!!




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