No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

Did terrorists set the L.A. Redline Subway blaze Tues. 12/15/15! Or was it MTA gross negligence! LA Times refuse to cover the aftermath story! Read it here!

MTA 01


The simple trash fire story/excuse by an un-named low-level LA Fire Department official on the scene Tuesday morning, December 15th 2015, pertaining to the monster subway blaze that filled both subway tunnels and the platform @ The 7th Street Station with choking smoke, causing all passengers and would-be passengers to flee the underground fire for their lives, was issued only minutes after the conflagration was extinguished and is patently absurd; but challenged nowhere else but here!

It would have taken more than a ton of trash deliberately dumped onto the floor of the twin LA subway tunnels and onto its side platforms to produce a mega-blaze trash fire anywhere near the size as what would have been necessary for such a conflagration to have occurred that morning in the Downtown Los Angeles Subway! No way! Something else was the cause!

The LAFD refuses to issue a report on this highly suspicious blaze due to an absence of news media pressure! But LAFD does admit to failing to discover the slightest concrete evidence to support its wild guess of a simple trash fire origin!

Repeat: No trash residue in either of the twin subway tunnels was found by anybody to support in the least the LAFD snap judgment theory of an unprecedented trash fire responsible for starting this major 5-alarm twin tunnels and 7th Street subway station mega-blaze!

Both these tunnels are very well lighted! (See MTA’s own tunnel photo here!)

Since the subway trains run automatically, the MTA engineer in the first-car cab has as his or her main duty watching the tunnel intently through the front window of the first car for anything that might be construed in the slightest to be out of the ordinary!

Trains pass through each of the twin tunnels where the fires started approximately every 7 or 8 minutes! Before the big fire that Tuesday nothing unusual in the tunnels was reported by the watchful train engineers! Why not?

LAFD claims the fire jumped from one of the Redline subway tunnels to the totally separate other
Redline tunnel! How is this even possible?

On the other hand, it would be rather easy for a terrorist to use any street-level emergency exit to descend to the track level of either the AR (Alignment Right) Tunnel or the AL (Alignment Left) Tunnel to quickly plant smoke bombs and then escape before they went off!

If this mega-blaze wasn’t a terrorist operation, then it must have been caused by totally inexcusable negligence, stemming from the LAMTA Rail Operations Division!

Any such investigation into the cause of the L.A. Redline Mega-Blaze has never happened!

If LA Times hadn’t chosen to cover up this enormous fire story, then the U.S. Congress would most-assuredly have slashed the Federal funding for the Red Line “Subway To The Sea” final leg!

The LA Times parent company wants The Redline Subway extended to the Pacific Ocean because that would greatly increase the real estate value of its holdings near the Redline Subway stations: such as  The Times HQ Building in Downtown Los Angeles!



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