No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

Photo of LA Times racist Matt Lait, the worst City Editor in America! You never see his face or name in LAT because he’s too embarrassed! Refuses to do a story on the Black Man who has spent 8 mos. in jail on Million $ Bail for crime he didn’t do: DaVinci Explosion!


Nobody who works under the imperious Mr. Matt Lait: The Big-Shot City Editor @ LA Times likes working for him in the least! They try to pretend to respect him in order to keep working there and avoid getting thrown out of a window @ The Times Bldg. That’s the recent fate of so many other former LAT reporters who refused to get on their pitiful knees in front of Lait!”

Mildly Egomaniacal LAT City Editor Mr. Matt Lait is truly a legend in his own mind!

Matt Lait is editor-in-chief Mr. Davan Maharaj’s backstabber-in-charge over there in that accursed newsroom that currently has the vibes of a mausoleum!

And Mr. Lait simply loves to get his ass kissed by any and all reporters who labor under him. Both male and female, of course, since he’s very politically-correct!

If the patsy that the racist LAPD is trying to pin the Downtown Da Vinci Mega-Blaze on had white skin instead of black skin, this victim of racism wouldn’t be rotting in jail since June 2015 on a million dollar bail, accused of pulling off an impossible one-man operation in an astounding case of arson that the public is starting to forget because it happened more than a year ago and The Times doesn’t give a damn!

Let that Black Man with a Moslem name rot in LA County jail awaiting trial for mega-arson forever!

Cops are keeping mum except to say that this is definitely a one-man job … which is ok? What an absurdity!

One square block blew up in a single explosion under the noses of the LAFD firefighters in the firehouse right across the street from the mega-blaze, which also seriously damaged nearby office buildings and a freeway!

As the LAPD “investigation” of the worst fire in L.A. history enters its second year, there is no trial in sight for the African-American that Chief Charlie Beck has fingered! And the racist LA Times City Editor Mr. Matt Lait doesn’t seem to give a crap about this miscarriage of justice!

Not the slightest journalistic interest coming out of him for an investigation at The LA Times as Mr. Lait has told me himself in a December, 2015 phone call!

Fellow virulent racist Chief Charlie obviously has his middle-finger planted squarely up LAT City Editor Matt Lait’s “righteous” asshole!

The U.S. Constitution guarantees a speedy trial! Mayor Garcetti, LAT & D.A Lacey are apparently making an egregious exception in the case of this railroaded-accused Black-skinned mega-arsonist!

The only one at The Los Angeles Times that’s a bigger racist than City Editor Matt Lait has to be his big boss Editor-in-Chief Davan Maharaj, who passionately despises the color of his own black skin and tries desperately to hide his Black African roots that originate in the West Indies, where his father was a union labor leader.

Accused mega-arsonist photo emailed separately.

Much more to come!


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