No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

LA Channel 5 Reporter Mary Beth McDade shockingly attacked live on Hollywood Blvd. during coverage of David Bowie Walk of Fame tribute! Miraculously she wasn’t raped & didn’t have her throat slit! LAPD nowhere to be seen! Later cops took a report! Big Deal BEWARE!! Anyone on Hollyweird Blvd. after dark is taking his or her life in their own hands!


Why is there a virtual MSM blackout on this highly disturbing story!

However, The Hollywood Patch is the one news source that displays the courage to report in detail the latest news regarding this all too common act of Hollywood sidewalk violence detailed here! The greater the cover-up, the more the future violence that will inevitably ensue!

Beware! Violent criminals from all over the Southern California region are getting the sick message: Slash and rob tourists and locals indiscriminately on “Hollyweird Blvd” and the news of such violent acts won’t get reported and spread in the news media … even if the crime actually occurs on a live TV news broadcast! As just happened during the Channel 5 KTLA 10pm David Bowie Memorial Tribute at the late musician’s Walk of Fame Star!

By orchestrating this outrageous cover up, L A Mayor Eric Garcetti is sending a hidden message to all violent criminals everywhere that we don’t want to catch you because that would mean lots of really, really bad publicity for The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce which is always making generous campaign monetary contributions to local politicians!

Cops & Pols agree that Hollywood Tourism must not be discouraged but dishonestly promoted; even if that means covering up the latest Hollywood Crime News like here!

There were, in fact, thousands upon thousands of astonished TV viewers, including Yours Truly, who witnessed live on our TV screens this violent crime against a female TV reporter Ms. McDade who could have been murdered on the spot if her vicious male assailant had been carrying a knife! There were zero cops on the crime scene and took them unconscionably long to arrive!

Violent crime statistics have reached an all-time high along the historic Hollywood Walk of Fame!
Yet the MSM casts a blind eye!

Please stay away from Hollywood, if you value your own safety until many more LAPD officers come to the rescue and start seriously patrolling The Hollywood Walk of Fame by order of LAPD Chief Charlie Beck thru Mayor Garcetti!

Instead our police officers are guilty of wasting their precious time writing up useless crime reports after the fact just as they did for that very scary sidewalk attack on excellent Reporter KTLA’s Mary Beth McDade!

On the other hand, Mayor Eric Garcetti and his 15 obedient City Council members adamantly refuse to set foot themselves on Hollywood Blvd. without a full LAPD contingent for protection! Out of abject fear!

TV News Reporters must tell their SAG-AFTRA union reps to stop allowing their members’ lives to be risked and start requiring news media to provide the armed protection necessary for their union members when telecasting from anywhere on the crime-infested Hollywood Walk of Fame!

LA Mayor Garcetti has launched a news media cover-up for fear that Hollywood tourism would take a nose-dive if the general public worldwide were allowed to discover right now for themselves how really hazardous it is for anyone foolhardy enough to become a Hollywood Boulevard pedestrian! Particularly after dark!

Is Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti waiting for the first TV news reporter to be killed or seriously injured while covering a story on the Hollywood Walk of Fame before radically increasing the LAPD presence there?




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