No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

Two Presidential Candidates Hillary Clinton & Senator Bernie Sanders challenged to debate now! Dolby Theater, Home of Academy Awards, will make an excellent place to hold this event. Senator Sanders is ready, willing & able! Bernie is patiently waiting for Hillary’s response to this Grand Debate challenge!

Since both Senator Bernie & ex-Senator Hillary are currently declared USA Presidential candidates, what are we waiting for? It’s the right time for their first debating clash! OH WOW! DEBATE … Continue reading

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Garcetti’s Sustainability pLAn is Based Fatally Flawed Data – By Scott Zwartz

April 29, 2015     What is Garcetti’s Sustainability pLAn? Garcetti’s pLAn is another fraud.  It does not take long to see that the Mayor’s plan for a sustainable LA is … Continue reading

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Slime Ball Mitch Englander AKA Mitchell Ughlander Announces Ultimately Pathetic Losing Bid for Los Angeles Corrupt County Supervisor! Vows to win by hook or by CROOK!

Dear Fair-Weather Friends with oodles of dough: This morning with lots of worthless fanfare & BS I solemnly announced my already-shaky candidacy for the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors … Continue reading

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This is a demand that declared U.S Presidential candidates Hillary, Marco and Rand immediately publicly release all their medical records! Does Hillary have something to hide? If not, Hillary, please end these potentially damaging rumors and speculation now by simply opening your medical files for anyone to inspect!

Is Hillary just clumsy? Or did she break her elbow not too long ago because of an underlying serious medical condition of hers that causes unsteadiness & loss of equilibrium … Continue reading

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Open Letter to Federal Court Judge addressing the Proposed Settlement in the Sidewalk Case …

If one ever wonders if it is appropriate to send an OPEN Letter to the Judge presiding over a case in which the General Public is openly deceived by a … Continue reading

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LA City Mayor Eric Garcetti ordered City Water fountains cut off while LA County Mayor Mike Antonovich refuses to cut off LA County Fountains! See photographic evidence below of this colossal waste of precious MWD water in the midst of California’s worst drought in history as news media ignores this serious situation! Highlighted by the huge fountain in L.A.’s Downtown Grand Park that’s still operating!

TURN OFF ALL THE LOS ANGELES COUNTY FOUNTAINS IMMEDIATELY Fountains in this California county of 10 million residents, the most populous in America, are wasting a huge number of untold … Continue reading

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Great way to save California water! Fight Drought by Public Urinal Sharing! Up to 3 adults at a time! Save hundreds of millions of precious gallons! Pee the PC Way! Governor Jerry Brown endorsement sought! LA Mayor Garcetti endorsement is imminent!

Public Urinal Sharing is a sure-fire brand new way to lick The Monster Drought sucking us bone- dry and it’s totally cost free! From now on politely ask the other … Continue reading

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The $1.3 Billion Sidewalk Settlement – Another Outrage in the Making – by Scott Zwartz

This Settlement means WHAT? … Tuesday, April 7, 2015 We’ve read about the $1.3 Billion settlement for repairing the City’s sidewalks.  We see people writing articles lauding the settlement. Here … Continue reading

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Some Angry Tweets! … @Hollywooddems

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