No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

ATTENTION: KCRW General Manager Ms. Jennifer Ferro

Who at KCRW is in charge of deciding who under your supervision actually gets to play around with this extremely expensive (zooming & soaring) sky-toy that you have purchased at … Continue reading

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Jwalshconfidential website will feature proudly the Betty Pleasant column that the Wave Newspaper refused to publish this week. Betty condemns “raunchy” mailer attacking Black School candidate George Mc Kenna portrayed in hit Hollywood film by Denzel Washington! Contact Ms. Pleasant for details!

Betty Pleasant’s long-standing “My Column” won’t appear in this week’s Wave Newspaper! Why not? Who is this behind-the-scenes censor? Maybe Supervisor Mark Ridley Thomas whispered in Wave Publisher’s ear? Vote … Continue reading

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See Supe Zev obviously threatening JWalsh with arrest @ Tuesday 7/15 meeting for catching him bargaining a Shriver endorsement with Bobby himself! No back room deal going on here! The two are hatching this corrupt deal during the open meeting in front of seemingly blind MSM reporters including LA Times!

How much is a wholehearted Zev endorsement to succeed him in LA County elective office worth to multi-millionaire Bobby Shriver, caught in this candid photo below with that patented feces-eating … Continue reading

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WRONG-WAY PEREZ loses one vote on first day of recount! Ho-Hum! Betty Yee supporters renew our vow to pick up expenses for a 2nd recount! Millions of California State Voter Guides about to be printed without John Perez name!

Can floundering John Perez swim because he’s sure as shootin’ going down for the second time! Millions of California State Voters Guides are about to be printed containing only Ashley … Continue reading

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Formation now of the Betty Yee Controller Recount Backers’ Financial Committee pledging support if Betty’s too broke to pay for her own recount to counter wholly unfair John Perez recount!


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Final Controller recount has no chance of meeting Secretary of State Bowen’s ballot printing deadline. Therefore by law only Republican candidate Ms. Ashley Swearengin’s name must appear on the ballot with perhaps space for a Yee or Perez write-in … Unless there is intervention by the State Legislature, Governor Brown and/or the State Supreme Court!

Current Secretary of State Debra Bowen admits that this open-ended recount that she must supervise will be as “speedy” as a senior-citizen turtle foot race! In fact, this first Controller … Continue reading

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Perez seeks huge recount to knock off Yee in California Controller race! JWALSH CONFIDENTIAL BLOG demands that Governor Brown condemn this sexist, racist “Dirty Tricks” ploy by John Perez to ruthlessly wipe out Betty Yee! RECOUNT announced officially by Perez Sunday!

The Sacramento Bee CapitolAlert ® SEZ “BREAKING NEWS: Perez sneakily announces recount on Sunday evening in California controller’s race“ HOLLYWOOD HIGHLANDS.ORG SEZ IN RESPONSE: JERRY, WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO … Continue reading

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Hollywoodhighlands.org asks Governor Brown to immediately congratulate second-place Controller finisher Betty Yee and request that Assembly member John Perez drop any plans that he may have for demanding a vote recount!

Dear Governor Brown: A divisive recount (lasting God-knows-how long) would most assuredly turn off many solid Jerry Brown voters, causing them to stay at home on Election Day this November … Continue reading

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Rebel website prods enuff reluctant Angeleno voters to fill out absentee ballots or trudge to the pills to defeat poor Boy Perez and practically unknown here in Southland Betty Yee a microscopic 584 vote victory for State Controller!

In retaliation for Assembly Speaker John Perez’ threats to sue Hollywood Highlands Democratic Club, as mentioned at the time in the LA Times, we solemnly declared jihad against his State … Continue reading

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