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Racist LA TIMES caricatures Attorney General Kamala Harris running for US Senate as a fat-assed, big-nosed “Black Bitch” while portraying Willie Brown as a hard-drinking anti-Hispanic mobster who personally decreed that that she would be Democratic Party’s choice! Is the phrase Black Bitch” echoing thru the corridors of Power at the Times Bldg. Publisher Mr. Austin Beutner owes Attorney-General Ms. Kamala Harris a personal apology for ok-ing this vile, sexist, racist cartoon mocking color of Brown’s skin!

If you agree with the above, please dial 1-800-LA TIMES and ask to speak with Publisher Austin Beutner, the racist ringleader in this unfolding scandal! If Austin is not available … Continue reading

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If elected to Senate replacing Boxer, Ex-Mayor Villaraigosa would be exposed to blackmail from the Mexican Drug Cartel with the other photos of “partying” for hours w/Doper Charlie Sheen at Cartel-owned Cabo San Lucas luxury-hotel!

Star-Struck Mainstream Media slavishly boosting Antonio for Senator, have purposely neglected to deal with the future damage ensuing from this self-incriminating, buddy-buddy photo of special guest Antonio with  internationally-recognized Premier … Continue reading

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Update: Judicial Corruption Gains Momentum … by Scott Zwartz

Update: Judicial Corruption Gains Momentum by Scott Zwartz ScottZwartz@gmail.com January 19, 2015 Last time we spoke, we explained how Justice Paul Turner was doing his imitation of Louis XIV, L’Etat, … Continue reading

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LA WEEKLY STANDS OBEDIENTLY BEHIND LA TIMES IN MUCH TOO SHORT LINE OF TONY (V FOR DEFEAT!) WIMPY WELL-WISHERS & SENATORIAL CANDIDACY PROMOTERS! No one in Sacramento is taking a Villaraigosa run seriously with the ghost of infamous Charlie Sheen Photo haunting his every step! “Harris is front-runner for Boxer’s seat — for the moment.” So sez The Star Struck Tony Boosters @LATIMES!

Antonio at this very moment is stone-cold broke…ever since his principal employer Edelman Public Relations Firm, the World’s largest, booted his ass out late last year for pulling the same … Continue reading

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Crony Capitalism and Judicial Corruption – Los Angeles Style

Crony Capitalism and Judicial Corruption – Los Angeles Style by Scott Zwartz ScottZwartz@gmail.com January 14, 2015 America is awash with crony capitalism. We see it with substandard HumV’s for the … Continue reading

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Here for your personal judgment is the blasphemous Gallic cartoon that has provoked 12 murders in Paris! Let us know if you believe that I should take it down from my website! Is this a free speech issue? Or not?

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It will take a lot more than a Monica Lewinsky-type Sac Bee journo job on Ex-Mayor Antonio’s chances at a gubernatorial run to get California Movers & Shakers to pour millions of $$$ into such a hopeless ego trip for Hizzoner! Jerry Brown hasn’t started his 4th term & Sac Bee is practically crowning Villaraigosa as next Governor!

This is the time of year veteran reporters call “The Silly Season”! That occurs at the end of the year when nothing much news-worthy is happening; so dumb news articles … Continue reading

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