No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

Sodomite Suppression Act Blowback! (No pun intended!) If Attorney-General Harris fails to stop this outrageously homophobic petition, please be assured this website to sponsor “Anti-Sodomite Suppression” petition legalizing the killing of anyone signing “The California Sodomite Suppression” petition!

“AN EYE FOR AN EYE … A TOOTH FOR A TOOTH!” The U.S Constitution denies anyone the right to shout “FIRE!” in a crowded theater! By logical legal extension, the … Continue reading

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Power Corrupts; Corruption Destroys – by Scott Zwartz

March 25, 2015      In her New Yorker article, “Richer and Poorer,” wherein she discusses  the  growing  income  disparity  in  America,  Jill  Lepore questions why we find so many victims … Continue reading

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African-American Stepin Fetchit’s Walk of Fame Star in shocking disrepair! Black City Council President & Hispanic Jewish Mayor Garcetti don’t refuse to repair! Black actor’s Star @1751 Vine Street near Hollywood Palace Theater!

Take a really good look! Film Great Mr. Stepin Fetchit is allowed to be gouged for years and remain absolutely filthy while other Walk of Fame (White) Stars are constantly … Continue reading

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From: “Ms. Alice Waltoon & ( Mr.?) Shelby Grit: That Way,Way-Out Odd Couple of LA”TURD RATE”JOURNALISM! journa<newsletters@e.latimes.com> The Way,Way Overpaid Grizzly Bear Editor&The Underpaid Due to LA Times Sexism Cub … Continue reading

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Judge John Torribio, Norwalk’s Dept G Winner of The Contest to Find California’s Most Corrupt Judge – by Scott Zwartz

March 17, 2015 Judge John Torribio, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge, who reigns over Department G, in Norwalk, has won the contest to be California’s most corrupt judge. Judge Torribio … Continue reading

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Sampling of Up-To-The-Minute tweets @Hollywooddems

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General Strike to protest rampant urban racism Tuesday April 14th promises to paralyze major American cities, including LA? Will freeway traffic grind to a halt?

Mum’s the Word @ Mainstream Media regarding The Tuesday, April 14th non-violent General Strike against KILLER COPS RACISM USA that includes Ferguson, Missouri, Staten Island and LA’s Skid Row plus … Continue reading

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