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Sinatra Club (2010) – Company credits – IMDb Did FBI undercover agent actually produce this movie?


The Federal Bureau of Investigation has been known to go to extraordinary lengths to establish a fictitious undercover agent’s phony identity when setting up a major sting operation!

Did the FBI actually co-produce a full-length feature film in 2010 titled ” Sinatra Club” starring former Teenage  Heart Throb now in his forties, Jason Gedrick (Remember him from “Iron Eagle”?) in order to pull the wool over California State Senator Calderon’s eyes as part of a Sacramento Sting that was  surprisingly exposed  last week  when Al Jazeera America  leaked an FBI Sting affidavit fingering an FBI Undercover Agent using the alias of “Rocky Patel” posing as  head of  “United Pacific Studios”!!!


Check out IMDB for proof of this movie’s existence and its United Pacific Co-Production credit. (Click on link below!)

Then Google: Sacramento Bee, United Pacific Studios and Rocky Patel to discover from the Sacramento Bee Website an undated  street photo of The Undercover FBI Agent using the alias of “Rocky Patel” side by side with the sting’s main target: Senator Ron Calderon …with a cheap plastic sign  above their heads reading “United Pacific Studios” at the  front entrance!

Did Movie Star Jason Gedrick know at the time that he was playing a supporting role in a real life FBI sting drama? Somebody should ask Mr. Gedrick this very question?






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