No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

Henry Waxman cancels himself out: the last vestige of the vaunted Waxman- Berman Machine floats away on a cloud! Anybody But Zev for Congress! Chicken Yaroslavsky doesn’t have the guts to run against JFK’s nephew Bobby Shriver to represent the Westside of Los Angeles in US Congress


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First Lady arrives for three day visit that may include “Autumn in LA” See Michelle Obama/ Autumn Burke captured in a hugging pose below.Visit Autumn Burke For Assembly website below! Will there be a few private movements between the First Lady and Miss Autumn that both of them would rather not share with the newsmedia!

DC First Lady arrives for three day California visit that may include some “Autumn in LA or maybe Elsewhere”. See Michelle Obama/Autumn Burke captured in a hugging pose below. Visit … Continue reading

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HUD warns LA that the DC Gravy Train might soon be de-railed! HUD Secretary Shaun Donavan informs LA Mayor Eric Garcetti that he is ready to pull the plug on low-income housing funding if LA doesn’t reverse itself by March!

Back in DC, Obama Cabinet Member: HUD Secretary Shaun Donavan has just issued an ultimatum to the Mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti that the DC Gravy/ Money Train may … Continue reading

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Zuma Dogg exclusive below reveals rank and file LAPD officer revolt against autocratic Big Bad Chief Charlie Beck and his faithful companion Mayor Eric Garcetti!

“LAPD Cop Union files major lawsuit and angry class action grievance! Cop Union lawyer, Richard Levine, to hold LAPPL (Los Angeles Police Protective League) status conference with LAPD Brass on … Continue reading

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Rudely-embarrassed LA Times willfully ignores AP Exclusive Scoop: LAX gunfire erupted only after the two airport police officers had abandoned their post standing guard over TSA Officer Hernandez, neglecting to inform their commanding officer of their departure. Thereby allowing the airport gunman to shoot to death sitting duck TSA Officer Hernandez! Mayor Garcetti when confronted with keystone cop type performance by LA Airport Police is left speechless except to say: “It could have been a lot worse!”

Break Up The Airport Police Now or Expect Another Airport Tragedy Did Mayor Eric Garcetti make a fool of himself in retrospect at his LAX on-camera press conference right after … Continue reading

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This is an open invitation to LAPD’s Internal Affairs Division to set up shop here in Tinseltown!

Take a real good look at this gangster-scarred photo of the monstrous 10-story glass Crack House with an address of 1800 Argyle St. at the corner of Yucca St. that … Continue reading

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Bird’s Eye view of the previously uncharted Hollywood Fault thanks to the State of California…No thanks to the Mayor of Los Angeles! Change the caption for the aerial picture below to a “vulture’s eye view”. International Real Estate investors seriously considering lawsuits against developers who may have rudely deceived them!

The Heart of Hollywood tragically exposed as having a big, deep, ugly crack in it! Real Estate Tycoons: Weep & Wail due to your forever lost investment! This is an … Continue reading

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Take a real good look at the graffiti-defaced backside of 1800 Argyle Street at the corner of Yucca Street. That’s a 10 story glass abandoned office building now openly used as a central distribution point for local Narcotics distribution sales under the nose of the LAPD?

Hollywood is Gang Territory! Tourists Beware! Stay Out! Crack House Morphs into a Super-Monster Crack Hi-Rise! Blind Police and sightless politicians simply pretend it isn’t there? Hollywood neighbors’ urgent demands … Continue reading

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Follow-up post. Garcetti misleads the Press so the Mayor can sneak into County Hospital for a one- on-one bedside chat with the woman his city car hit in a crosswalk! Is the victim of the LA Mayor’s Tuesday auto accident and hospitalized for four days a glad recipient of Obamacare or is she among the uninsured millions of others and therefore forced to pay the sky-high bill herself?

Firstly, to correct the LA TimesĀ  story below: The victim , Ms. JulietĀ  Nicolas, actually spent a total of four days and three nights in the hospital. Mayor Eric Garcetti’s … Continue reading

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Did LA Mayor Eric Garcetti get away with committing the crime of leaving the scene of an accident on Tuesday (1-14-14) when his car hit a woman in the crosswalk at 2nd St. & Spring Street. That’s what the LA Times security video indicates! Meanwhile City Attorney is stating confidential that the victim, 60 year old Ms. Nicolas stands to walk away from her upcoming court case with as much as a million dollars unless The Mayor and City Council can negotiate a behind closed-doors settlement .

Only LA Times editors, reporters as well as the Publisher have seen the unedited video version of the Mayor’s auto accident which was “accidentally” caught by the Times trusty surveillance … Continue reading

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