No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

Only a naive fool would swallow whole toady Times reporter Howard Bume’s hasty Deasy exit story! In a nutshell: Deasy is out because he was Mayor Villaraigosa’s and Monica Garcia’s boy and neither of them is worth crap over there anymore! Or is Deasy still in? Did the LA Times concoct the resignation story to drum support from Charter School forces?

Only a naive fool would swallow whole toady Times Education reporter Howard Blume’s hasty Deasy exit story! 

In a nutshell: Deasy is  (maybe)  out only because  he was Mayor Villaraigosa’s and Monica Garcia’s boytoy and neither of them is worth crap over there anymore! 

Or is Deasy the survivor still in? 

Did the LA Times conspire to concoct the resignation story to drum up support from Charter School forces who in furious reaction to the Deasy resignation story are now on the warpath against the LAUSD Board that holds Deasy’s fate in their hands? 

Was Deasy’s queasy (falsely-announced by the Times) LAUSD resignation just  as forced   and phony behind the scenes  as Field Marshall Erwin Rommel’s  staged Third Reich step down!
John Deasy was scheduled to get rubbed out via a poor job evaluation by The LAUSD Board for (among other things) releasing to the public and press sexual harassment complaints aimed at LAUSD Board member Richard Vladovic!

How much would Deasy’s downfall cost LA taxpayers in the end? Literally!
Maybe The School Board will offer Deasy his buyout in the form of a whole bunch of slightly-used student iPads?
Deasy’s guardian angels, Mayor Villaraigosa and School Board President Monica Garcia, are no longer in those lofty positions of power where they could easily prevent Big John from being sacked by “Vladovic The Impaler” and his Boisterous Band of PC Board allies!


Examine this candid   photo of Mayor Eric Garcetti and LAUSD Czar (soon to resign?) Deasy uneasily evil-eye’-ing one another recently on a school playground!

Check out the dirty look that the little girl nearby on the same schoolyard is giving Mayor Garcetti for invading her space to hold his ego-maniacal photo op!

Don’t forget that the lowest priority for either side locked in this epic struggle for control of the second largest school system in America is the welfare of the students!




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