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“Beat the snot out of the Tea Party!” That’s the Republican establishment threat made Monday afternoon (10-28-13) directed at the Party!


Beat the snot out of the Tea Party!” That’s the Republican establishment threat made Monday afternoon (10-28-13) directed at the Party! 

Why just the snot?  Hey! Why don’t you go whole hog and threaten to beat the shit out of them, too?

Check out The Tea Party’s on-the-record response below! 

We say: “A Plague on Both Your Houses” — JWALSHCONFIDENTIAL.WORDPRESS.COM


From: “Todd Cefaratti” <info@theteapartyleadershipfund.com>
Date: October 28, 2013, 1:01:26 PM PDT
To: John  <hollywooddems@gmail.com>
Subject: Beat the snot out of the Tea Party
Reply-To: info@theteapartyleadershipfund.com




The Republican establishment has just formed a new Super PAC designed to “beat the snot” out of the Tea Party.

And they have already pledged $8 million dollars to do it. Help us counter them.

Led by the same loser strategist that have given the Democrats the White House for the past eight years and have snatched victory out of the jaws of defeat…these establishment losers are now targeting principled conservatives and Tea Party champions for defeat.

And they have the war chest to do it.

That’s right — mainstream Republican traitors are coming out of the wood work and they say they’re ready to be, “very aggressive and… get in their faces.”

That means they are going to get in YOUR FACE.

Where was this fight when Barack Obama and Harry Reid were bankrupting our nation with another debt ceiling? Where was this fight when liberal Republicans caved to fully fund Obamacare?

Establishment Republicans – led by a former liberal GOP congressman – are targeting the Tea Party and we must fight back.

If they want a fight…we will give them one. We here at the Tea Party Leadership Fund are not backing down.

That’s why I’m asking you to donate $5 dollars towards the “Primaries for Traitors Fund.”

This fund will ensure each and every one of the 87 traitors and anyone who joins their ranks between now and next November WILL LOSE THEIR SEAT.

Our America is under attack from all sides. Donate $5 to defend lady liberty.

Todd Cefaratti
Citizen Patriot

P.S. They want a fight. We will give them one. I need you to make your most generous donation of $5 or more to support our grassroots efforts to elect true conservatives to replace the RINOs.


The Tea Party Leadership Fund is a leader in this freedom movement                                TheTeaPartyLeadershipFund.com

putting your nationwide support into local action.
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Paid for by The Tea Party Leadership Fund PAC.


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